What does "No Flange" mean for a louver vent?
Can I get a gable vent without a nail fin?  Yes.
It seems to be like any other vent with horizontal slats.
And once installed, it really looks like any standard exhaust vent.

These videos will be replaced with clearer ones soon, but for the time being, feel free to watch the vents spin.

What makes it really different is there are no nail fins sticking out from the sides.  When the gable wall opening is preset or has the finish cladding already installed, using a vent with a flange may not be ideal.  Placing a vent into a brick opening usually requires the fin-less vent.  Cutting brick is never the best idea.  Existing trimmed wood holes are more versatile, but cutting and removing the brick mold or trim can mess up the paint and require a lot more work.  Painting and caulking are time consuming tasks.

When the wall opening is already a finished product, installing a finished product is more ideal.  Less work, less time. 

This 18 x 18 x 4 round vent is sporting a 1" face trim around the circumference covering the rail system where the louvers attach.

Looking at it from the side, it is more obvious the barrel is smooth with no protrusions such as a nail fin.  The barrel of the vent is why these are also commonly called barrel vents.

The diamond vent above stands 24 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches deep.  Also shown as a no flange louver vent.

20 x 8 x 1 Half Round Louver with a smooth rounded trim of 1 inch.  The primed white hints a slight gray hue showing good definition to the depth of the slats.

A great side view of this 54 x 17 x 2 Triangle Louver Vent again without a flange.  From here it is obvious the depth or thickness is 2" and with a smooth alignment.

And this is why there are no color charts on this site.  The Colonial White 48 x 16 x 1 Triangle Louver Vent appears on the screen to be the same color as the primed white.  Also, the primed white has a smooth non textured finish, while this Colonial White has a PVC coating on the aluminum giving it a wood grain texture.  Computer and phone screens do not allow the eyes to depict the different shades and actual colors of the aluminum.  To see the actual color choices, visit any vinyl siding distributorHere the color fandex will be available for matching colors.

60 x 18 x1 Sunrise Triangle Decor Vent in primed white with no flange on top or bottom.  The face trim is 1 1/2 inches lining the base and top angles.  The wider trim gives the decor vents a beefier appearance.

The same Sunrise style, but this half round shape gives a whole different look.  60 x 30 x 1 Sunrise Half Round Decor Vent, no nailing flange, yet still has the 1 1/2" face trim making a finished product.

1 inch deep Sunburst Half Round Decor Vent with 3/4 inch spindles or spokes radiating upwards from the center of the base.  Measuring 48 inches wide and 24 inches tall to create a true half round.  Hint: the black behind the spindles is black fiberglass screen to make it vented.  Placing it on a gable wall and turning on the attic light really makes a home stand out.

Another idea is the Rising Sun Triangle Decor Vent.  Although this is a 36 x 12 x 1 Rising Sun, it still has the same trim caps to match it's beauty with it's strength.  So enjoy not having to remove or cut off the nailing flange of the vent before installing it.

Here are two direct links for the Louver Vents and the Decor Vents.

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