Shipping made simpler.

By utilizing UPS Ground, wood crates holding products up to 60 x 20 (for example) can be delivered without freight charges.
After many negotiations, we have secured a US 48 state flat rate shipping price.
This reduced our ground shipping rates drastically.

The former UPS Freight, now T Force Freight, is continuing to deliver our larger gable vents.
After reassigning the wood crates to deliver as side loads, this price too was reduced.
Now a flat rate US 48 state applies to freight also.

If there are questions of your order going freight or ground, call us 901.281.2887

Ground shipments need nothing more on your part.

Freight may, though.
Crates going freight need to go to a commercial address with roads that are 18 wheeler truck friendly.
Some areas of the US may be flagged as residential even if other trucks travel roads in the area.
This is because entering some roads may not be ideal or extremely time consuming.
Remember, trucks cannot turn around in a small area.
They do not enter driveways (only parking and business entrances).
1 lane roads are a strong "No".
As well as low lying power lines.

If your delivery is flagged for "Residential" for any of these reasons, we will contact you to pick up at your nearest hub to prevent "Residential Delivery Charges".  Most hubs are within 30 minutes to an hour of the delivery location.

The other option...  If it is a freight delivery, fill out the extra freight options page to order additional services.
Residential delivery, appointments for deliveries and lift-gate services.
If the crate exceeds 84", do not order a lift-gate service.  Most drivers will not use them after this length.
Good news, though, most all crates are packaged for 1 to 2 people to load and unload.

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