Measuring Round and Circle Vents Simplified

Don't worry if the width and height are slightly different.
This is why it needs measured twice.

The opening may look something like this with short framing boards around the edges.
Do not remove these as they add to the stability of the wall.
Using a circle vent with a flange will cover the framing.

For the width, measure across the middle of the hole as close to center as possible.

The height should also be taken as close to center as it can.

To double check the opening measures, it can also be measured diagonally.

These measures refer to the "opening size" for the vent order.
We will reduce the vent measure 1/4" for the entire circumference.
This will allow for an easy install as well as the expansion and contraction of the wall opening.

Measuring the vent itself is the "tip to tip" of the vent.
Hook the tape measure on the side of the vent and measure to the other side.

The height is the same. 

Oval louver vents are measured the same as shown above, but will render different measures.
Usually taller than wide. 
To order an Oval Vent, mail us a template to ensure the arches match.

The only thing left is choosing the depth of the Round, Barrel, Circle Vent.

If anything was overlooked or left out, feel free to contact us via
text message 901.281.2887

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