Quick tutorial on how to choose the correct flange for a gable vent.
Choosing the correct vent flange can make the install so much easier as well as choosing the wrong one making the install so much more difficult.
The flange is a preset to determine the install manor and determined by the existing gable wall settings.
The No Flange Vents really have no nail fin to hinder the vent from being inserted into the opening.
It can be placed right into the wall opening and pulled right out to be flush with the outside of the trim or pushed in and recessed for a dimensional appearance.

A Front Flange Vent usually has a 1 1/2 inch nail fin surrounding the face of the vent.
The entire vent slides into the opening and is stopped by the flange on the face to be flush with the exterior of the gable wall.

Back Flange Louver Vents are finned on the rear of the vent with the nail fin protruding 1 1/2 inches.
These can be installed before siding, brick and stucco with the wall cladding applied over the nail fin.
They also have the unique option for installing from inside the attic.

Having the vent with preset J Channel can really speed up the install process.
Applying vinyl siding or ship-lap siding usually requires J Channel.

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