Purchase straight from the source here at Onyx Xteriors and have them delivered right to you.

Or as a courtesy, here is a list of distributors to order Onyx Xteriors brand attic vents to pickup at your convenience.

These locations are also good for checking and viewing the different sheet metal colors available.  Seeing a color on a screen is never accurate.  Looking at the actual color fandex in person with it in hand is the way to go.  With so many distributors in so many states, there will be one close by you and convenient for visiting.  Just click on the state you are in to view the list of locations near you.

For any additional assistance with an Onyx Xteriors product, contact us or call 901.281.2887

We have a design team ready to help with custom items, knowledgeable customer service and all employees have experience in the construction world.  So send us pictures we can assist with for product suggestions.  But don't forget to send us your "after" pictures show casing the product in your outstanding projects.  We love pictures.

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