Offering 4 screening options on all louver vents.

First, the fiberglass screen also known as vinyl screen.
It is a rubbery, flexible screen used commonly with vinyl siding.

This is only offered because some contractors prefer it.
Screen replacement is much easier if ever needed.
The draw back is is stretches, cannot withstand fire,
and if wasps or grasshoppers are a problem,
they are a real problem for this screen.
They will chew holes to get into the attic.
Then call it home.

But the fiberglass screen is a good choice.
If never is planned to have a fire.
And if the pest controllers are on top of their game.

The aluminum screen is much more porous. 
Stiffer and stronger with a better airflow.
So much, the back of the louvers are very visible.
More often than not, bugs will leave this alone.
It is too difficult to chew through.

Half inch wire mesh is an additional option.
It is applied with the aluminum screen.
It prevents larger critters from entering the attic.
Squirrels are more common pests.
Raccoons, roof rats, mice, cats, nutria rats, and the list goes on.

This is the same wire mesh used most often by wildlife control agencies.
This in the aid of preventing small mammals from entering where unwanted.

The picture tells nothing.
But the 4th option is not vented.
The black metal back closes off the entire vent airflow.
Being black, it gives the illusion of having a screened back.

Which louver vent will this apply to?

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